Benefit of Become an Agent in

If you are determine to earn good money from your home with honest and dedicated effort is a write platform for you. If you are a local marriage agent then will help you to increase your business globally. You first enroll your profile in “ Register As An Agent” form. After creating your profile you are able to enlist your client profile. You can add unlimited number of your client profile in our website. Your client profile is listed in our site then millions of client from 99marriageguru will see your client profile. If they interested any profile of your client they contact with you directly. On the other hand you can choose any profile from our end or any others Agent listing for your client globally.

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Who can Join as an agent?

i) Local marriage Agent

ii) Local Marriage agency

iii) House wife

iv) Govt service/pvt service holder

v) Any Employed or Unemployed person who interest to make career in this field.

Benefit to become an Agent:

1)      Unlimited Earning

2)      Unlimited Business opportunity

3)      Minimum Investment & Maximum output

4)      Highly Self Esteemed

5)      You can work Full time & Part time basic

6)      Working under Reputed Brand name

7)      No advertisement cost

8)      We give Excellence Awards & Certificate for best Agent

9)     Complete transparency in relation to business payouts.

10)   Complete training will be provided to meet up the clients requirements


Pre Wedding Rituals and Customs for Bengali Matrimony

Pre Wedding Rituals and Customs for Bengali Matrimony. Most Bengali Marriage ceremony Start from Engagement ( In Bengali Ashirbaad) to Aai Buro Bhat.

Ashirbaad: The pre-wedding ritual starts with Ashirbaad- As the name suggests it is kind of a informal ceremony where the elders of the groom and the bride’s family visit each other’s house on a stipulated date to bless the bride and the groom with some token like gold ornaments as a gesture of their love and acceptance. This ceremony generally occurs as a symbol for engagement

Aai Budo Bhaat – If the name reminds you of old age pathos, then don’t worry, for this custom has nothing to do with age. It’s in fact regarded as a Bengali version of the American Bachelorette party where the respective bride and groom is fed all his favorite dishes in the company of friends and family members. Generally this ceremony happen day before marriage ceremony.

Vridhi – In Verdi the families of the Bengali bride and the Bengali groom e offer their homage to the ancestor through a puja

 Dodhi Mangal – this ceremony is performed at the crack of the dawn, near a water body, inviting goddess ganga to preside over the matrimonial alliance. You will be surprised to know that the bride and the groom are supposed to have no meal after the food served to them on dodhi mangal.

Gye Halud – Literally as the name goes it means shimmering the bride and the groom with turmeric paste so that their complexion glows. Beautiful decorative gifts known as “gaye halud takto” is given to the relatives of both the sides on gaye halud.