Cheapest Assisted Matrimony/ Personalize matchmaking service

Join Online Matrimony  or Assisted matrimony which is suitable? This is a million dollar question. Online matrimony is an online platform in where  you can register your profile free of cost and For Sending Interest or view phone no you need to buy some suitable pack and you can chat with your partner and  send personalize message.

Assisted Matrimony is basically a personalize service in which a dedicated Relationship manager provide who provide expert matchmaking service.

Which is better ?

 Online matrimony is helpful those who have enough time to choose partner or who just initiated about marriage . But Assisted Matrimony is better for who want result within a certain time and requirement is very specific.

This is no doubt that Assisted Matrimony little bit costly compare to Online matrimony service but Assisted Matrimony have high success rate compare to Online matrimony.

For This Reason India’s most promising matrimony portal introduce a economical pack for assisted matrimony. The only Rs 5000/- charger for the service for Two Month.

The Feature of most Cheapest Assisted Matrimony service

1.       Dedicated Relationship Manager.

2.       2 month Personalize  Service

3.       10 Verified matching profile

4.       Two Meeting arrangement free of cost.

5.       Online Free Membership

6.       High success Rate.

7.       Pre- marriage investigation service ( Add on Package)

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Bengali Assisted Matrimony

Bengali matrimony has old Rituals & Tradition. Basically Bengali people are divided into four different casts like Brahmin, Kayastha, Baishya and namasudra. Besides that Bengali are divided two categories East Bengali and West Bengali. As an example Kayastha who are from East Bengal are hold Different Rituals from West Bengali kayastha.

Due to Lots of Division Bengali peoples have different rituals & culture in Bengali Wedding. As an example for East Bengal Kayastha matrimony ritual are difference from West Bengal Kayastha Matrimony Ritual. Similarly East Bengal Brahmin Matrimony is quite Different from west Bengal Brahmin Matrimony ritual.

Keep in mind the above criteria 99marriageguru introduce best Assisted matrimony service for Bengali.

For assisted matrimony service you get Highest professional & expert matchmaking with personalized Assistance. We understand your expectation and provide superior matchmaking service to meet your expectation.


Share your Responsibility: Your dedicated relationship manager understand your need and provide best possible assistance.

Expert Search: your dedicated Relationship manager search for your exact match by our advanced search tools.

Meet the prospect: Your RM arrange meeting both of your mutual consent.