Ivy League Matrimony

In previous day choose of bride or groom was not difficult, people generally looking for a govt service ( a symbol of security ) and good family background is enough for a marriage decision. For elite class they were looking for Business class family or other good profession like doctor ,engineer etc.  Recent time not only a engineering or medical degree not enough for married, Not only elite class but also upper middle class also looking for abroad degree with a startup business or a fat salary with fortune 500 company job etc.

P.k Basu an associate professor of a well known college in Kolkata thinks about his daughter’s marriage. His daughter works well known IT firm in Saltlake her intention to settled abroad looking for  IIT graduate with MBA from Ivy league university. According to prof Basu a Ivy league graduate having possibility to get job almost everywhere. So he is interested for Ivy league graduate.

Not only prof basu there are several example who is looking for ivy league graduate.

For the increasing demand 99marriageguru.com recently starts elite matrimony service for Ivy league graduate. This service is very special and dedicated for Ivy league graduate. This service includes Critical data analysis for matchmaking. We verify all data from Brides & groom and checking the compatibility of match. Our efficient RM  verify data from both end.

Not only critical match making but also we provide meeting service. Our dedicated RM arrange a meeting in a suitable place for both parties.

After fixing marriage our team will help to arrange marriage ceremony by our expert wedding planer.


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