Wedding Planning Service in kolkata

Every Bengali marriage ceremony have lots of Ritual and events. From “Ai Buro Bhat” to Asto-mongola there are so many Rituals one have to maintained in Bengali marriage ceremony. Beside that From Photography to caterer service there are so many hazards a family can face. 99marriageguru’s Wedding Planner helps cut down costs considerably owing to his/her good contacts and widespread networks with all possible high quality vendors related to marriage coordination services and repeat orders resulting in better negotiation along with expertise related to best quality available at hand in reach at best prices too perfectly skilled to coordinate all services including photographers, videographers, florists, caterers, hotels, makeup Artist, jewelers, temples, banquets, musicians and disc jockeys to even travel agents results in an successfully chartered course of journey from planning to execution translating into far more impressive wedding scene than ever envisioned by a couple or people concerned.

                                                              Our Service

Budgeting: Depending upon Your requirement we provide an economical & Realistic budget to you for ceremony.

Venue Booking: Based on your choice & budget we provide you best possible location for the ceremony.

Catering: We provide caterer and assist you menu planning suitable for the occasion and guest profile.

Hospitality &  Guest management: We provide 24×7 assistance in venue and hotels. We do all that is possible to make each guest feel special and welcomed. We provide ground transport for your guest.

Them Wedding:  We provide conceptual Them and decoration of ceremony house to Invitation card.

Entertainment: What’s a wedding without some entertainment? Be it the latest singing sensation or the hippest DJ in town, we can organize them all for you to make your wedding even more memorable.

Why wait? Please call 9051226666 for know more about our exclusive service.


1 thought on “Wedding Planning Service in kolkata”

  1. Good post on traditional wedding ceremony. Thank You very much for writing such a good article for wedding planners and their services for new couples. People always try direct method but most of time these trick don’t works. Your tips are helpful for the person to make good course. This content is so valuable and surely unique that people are happy and really helpful for them. there is no any other ways to get customers than posting the wedding photos.


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